Six-hour power cut and power holiday for industrial sector for reducing the power consumption has proved to be contrary leading to significant increase in Krishna district.

The Vijayawada Circle of ASPDCL has surpassed the allocated quota on any given day. The people here consumed 9.043 MU (million units) on October 9 alone as against the allotted quota of 8.581 MU. The same was witnessed on October 7 and 8 as well. The consumption touched 8.824 MU on October 7 and 9.17 MU on October 8.

The consumption has increased abnormally compared to last year during September-October season. Last year, it was around 8 MU per day.

It is, however, hovering between 8.8 MU and 9.1 MU per day this year. In short, the consumption has gone up by 10 lakh units in Vijayawada circle.

The consumption has gone up by 25 per cent compared to last year, while there is no matching power generation. The demand was 125-128 MW last year. Now, the power load rose to 170-173 MW this year with a shortage of at least 35 MW.

Maximum demand

The maximum demand (MD) has touched 480.82 MW, which was equal to the allotted quota of 480.82 MW. The consumers have been using more than 9 MU a day since June 18, except on June 19 when it dropped to 8.883 MU. The consumption touched 10.308 MU on June 4.

The highest number of units consumed on a single day was 10.770 MU during 2011-12, while it was 10.034 MU in 2010-11. SPDCL Vijayawada Circle SE B. Mohana Krishna has attributed it to summer-like conditions prevailing in the district. With the agricultural operations are in swing, the demand from agriculture sector has also increased. The problem will ease with a shower or two, the officials opine. The load will automatically come down as the use of air-conditioners comes down, he feels.

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