‘Fluctuating groundwater table indicates impending danger’

Three-fourth of the globe is covered with water, but scarcity of drinking water will increase with every passing year. Therefore, it is time to adopt and initiate concrete steps to conserve water for the future generation, says Rajesh Bhatt, Superintending Engineer, Water Resources Department of the Government of Gujarat.

He was addressing a seminar on ‘Conservation of water’, jointly organised by The Institute of Engineers - Vijayawada chapter and Water Management Forum, Ahmedabad, here at KL Rao Bhavan on Sunday.

Mr. Bhatt pointed out that water was a life saver and people were under the wrong impression that it was found in abundance and hence it was being misused.

“People should realise that water cannot be manufactured, it can only be purified. The fluctuating groundwater table is a clear indication of the impending danger,” he said. Mr. Rajesh further pointed out that people had already started to buy packaged water and in future, wars would be fought over water. “It is the duty of the engineering community to create awareness on scarcity and value of water among people,” he said.

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation Superintending Engineer T. Moses Kumar Deputy Director of the Ground Water Department, Vijayawada, A. Vara Prasada Rao and others spoke.

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