Rajagopal has been asserting that he will quit politics if the Bill is passed

Congress leaders from the city are maintaining stoic silence on the bifurcation of Andhra Pradesh and suspension of Seemandhra MPs, particularly of Vijayawada MP Lagadapati Rajagopal.

They are apparently distancing themselves from the MP upset as they are with his antics especially his pepper spraying that triggered a frenzy in the Lok Sabha.

Not even his close associates have aired their views openly, and the leaders, who are said to have blessings of the MP, in assuming city Congress offices, have commented on his suspension. The MLAs also have reserved their reactions.

What’s making them restrain from reacting to the unfolding political drama? It is sheer political uncertainty and fear of future that’s holding them back.

The leaders fear for two reasons: incurring the wrath of Congress high command and impact on their career; instability and unilateral decisions of the MP.

The leaders, in private, grumble that Mr. Rajagopal doesn’t consult even senior leaders or city MLAs before announcing a major decision. Neither the MP takes a firm stand on any issue or decisions taken by him.

They are also unhappy with Mr. Rajagopal’s utterances on the launch of a new political outfit by the Chief Minister. The MP should have quit the party and broached the subject on a different platform, a leader said.

There are other reasons, including Congress party’s bid to prove that it strongly favoured creation of Telangana State, that are baffling them.

The party succeeded in sending message to Telanganites but it has lost ground in Seemandhra.

The Congress leaders are now in a dilemma whether it would benefit anyway to raise voice against the party at a time when the axe fell on leaders like Mr. Rajagopal, who can contest elections as independent candidate if required.

Mr. Rajagopal has been asserting that he will quit politics if the Bill is passed.

It was not the case for other leaders, more particularly second rung, who wish to repeat successful performance in local body elections. Above all, there is a leadership void in the party in the city as well as district.