Some 200 ophthalmologists to attend the conference

Aravinda Retina Vitreous Institute, as part of its awareness programme, will organise ‘Coastal AP Retina – 2011' conference on Sunday at Hotel Fortune Murali Park in the city.

In a release on Friday, retina specialist G. V. Narendra said that the conference would throw new light on the management of retina and vitreous diseases. It would be helpful to the people of the coastal region.

“As many as 200 ophthalmologists from all over Andhra Pradesh will take part in the meeting. The speakers will concentrate on diabetic retinopathy, retina detachment, retinopathy of prematurity, and laser surgery on retina,” he added.

Dr. Narendra said that patients face the danger of losing sight owing to the diabetic retinopathy. “Patients of hypertension also face the perils of bleeding in the retina and age-related macular degeneration which might result in permanent blindness.” He said that retinopathy of prematurity may occur in premature-born babies resulting in complete eyesight loss.

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