60 high-risk areas identified in the city, he says

The control of mosquitoes and diseases that were borne by them is difficult for Municipal Corporation without the support of the citizens, Commissioner G. Ravi Babu has said.

Addressing representatives of Residential Colony Welfare Association (RWAs) at the municipal corporation office here on Friday, Mr. Ravi Babu said that out of the 2 lakh and odd households in the city there were conditions conducive to mosquito breeding in about 60,000 households. He said that in the past two months the Municipal Corporation had deployed an army of over 300 employees for mosquito and vector-borne disease control. Corporation employees visited over 2 lakh households to check the conditions prevailing in them.


The teams surveying the city identified 60 high-risk areas on the basis of the number of potential breeding grounds, he said. Listing dos and don'ts the Commissioner said that the instant a member of the family gets fever a call should be made to the VMC fever call centre. This would initiate a chain of developments with a VMC team arrive home to collect blood samples, administer medication and take up special spraying activity. Depending on the need the blood samples of others in the family may be taken and the neighbouring houses also sprayed, the Commissioner said.

He said that the primary objective of the Municipal Corporation was to ensure that an epidemic of vector-borne diseases of the scale that occurred last rainy season does not repeat itself this year.

He recommended indoor residual spraying (IRS) for every house in high risk areas. Though it was a little cumbersome IRS was the most effective way of controlling mosquitoes and the diseases that were borne by them.

The Commissioner said that some private doctors were terrorising the citizens by telling them that they were diagnosed with PF malaria, but this was proved wrong in the blood tests conducted by VMC. “Don't go to private clinics if you have fever. Call the VMC call centre,” Mr. Ravi Babu said emphatically. He said the call centre was a boon to the residents of hill slopes for whom coming the VMC sub-centre was also a big problem.

The Commissioner said notices would be given to the owners of vacant lands that were logged with water.

It was their responsibility to ensure that there was no water logging.

If the land owners do not take corrective steps the Corporation would take action against them.

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