College students and office-goers completely drenched in the heavy downpour

Normal life was thrown out of gear with heavy rain coupled with gales lashing the city on Thursday. The sudden cloud burst in the afternoon caught the citizens unawares. The college students and office-goers were completely drenched in heavy downpour which was accompanied by thunder.

The heavy downpour led, within no time, to water logging in parts of the city like One Town, Moghalrajapuram, Tikkle Road, Chuttugunta and along Route No.5. The incomplete road and drainage works in many parts of the city added to the chaos. The localities such as Kedareswarapeta, Giripuram, Polyclinic road, some parts of Payakapuram, and other low lying areas were inundated causing hardship to many families.

Two-wheeler drivers faced difficulty while trying to navigate through streets that were waterlogged in ankle to knee deep water on Pinnamaneni Polyclinic Road, Jemmichettu Centre, Shunabbattila Centre, Kothavanthina Centre, Machavaram Down, areas Krishna Lanka, One Town, Vidyadharapuram, Kabela Centre and the slopes on either side of the tunnel.

Some four-wheel vehicles were forced to stop at some places when water entered their engines causing traffic jams. Life, however, returned to normal after a couple hours, the time required for the water to drain out due to bad maintenance of drains.

The rain water entered houses and commercial complexes in Suryaraopet. The people in One Town were in grip of fear in view of experience two years ago. Most of the roads in One Town turned into deep pools of water. Water entered houses sending shivers down the spine for people living there. But the residents of these two areas sighed with relief when water receded quickly.

In 2009, several localities of One Town remained submerged by rainwater for two days.

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