Sunday shone bright and sunny for a select group of children who were treated on a rare trip to the famous Gandhi Hill in the city.

The treat was doled out by members of MAD (Make A Difference), a service organisation floated by a group of local college students who serve the lesser privileged kids at NGOs such as the Child Aid Foundation at Benz Circle and Navajeevan Bala Bhavan at Pezzonipet.

The young volunteers, who prefer to be called ‘Madsters', teach the nitty-gritty of English language to these children keeping in view the wider use of the language and its growing importance in the job market.

To make a difference to their Sunday, the student volunteers escorted the children atop the hill and showed them the place around.

After having a field day frolicking around at the picturesque hill, the children were taken inside the planetarium and explained about the stars and constellations in detail.

Listening to it in rapt attention, the children were able to reproduce what they had learnt with remarkable ease.

At the end of a happily-spent day, the volunteers of MAD expressed their gratitude to students of Koneru Lakshmaiah University who are the driving force behind the organisation.


Haze around Gandhi Hill development planDecember 29, 2012

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