One enumerator has been appointed for every 150 households in Krishna Districts to carry out ‘House Listing', ‘Housing Census' and filling of the National Population Register (NPR), District Collector Peeyush Kumar said.

The collector appealing to the people to extend all their cooperation for the 2011 Census said that the first phase of the survey would begin on Monday and go on till June 10, a 45-day stint.

The House Listing and Housing Census would be done prior to the filling of the NPR. The enumerators had to fill 35 columns in the House Listing and House Census.

The NPR schedule had 15 questions like name of the family/household head, date of birth, place of birth, nationality, name of spouse, present and permanent address.

The information collected in the house listing and Housing Census was confidential and would not be provided to any authority including a court of law, he said.

Anybody who violated the confidentiality of the information was punishable under the Census Act.

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