Celestial meeting of four planets -- Jupiter, Venus, Mercury and Saturn -- can be witnessed in the sky for two consecutive days on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Planetary Society, India, founder secretary N. Sri Raghunandan Kumar said that it would be easy to locate the planets with a naked eye. Venus in conjugation with Jupiter will occur. The planet Mercury could also be spotted just above Venus. Planet Saturn, however, could be seen in east sky, he said.

The conjugation of the planets could be seen after the sunset if one looks towards west direction. The planet Venus could be seen first. Slowly as it gets dark by 7 p.m., planet Saturn could be spotted on eastern sky. The Saturn would be visible all through the night which travels across the sky only to set in the early hours.

However, the celestial meeting of Venus, Mercury, and Jupiter would be visible only for 30 minutes or more. General public could use skymaps from www.ournewplanets.info for assistance. Further, school students and public could contact Planetary Society at ssa.media@gmail.com for organising sky observation (Venus and Saturday) with telescopes, he said.