Nalanda Vidya Niketan arranges various programmes

The campus of Nalanda Vidya Niketan on Wednesday teemed with activity with playful children gambolling around in droves.

To mark the commencement of the nine-day festival (navaratrula panduga) in traditional style, the school management exercised great caution in sticking to the customary rituals associated with the festival.

The day began with Saraswathi puja by priests of the Chinna Jeer ashram, who were invited on the occasion not just to conduct the puja but also to bless the toddlers who participated in ‘aksharabhyasam' that followed.

A 6-ft-high colourful idol of goddess Saraswathi was the cynosure of all eyes. Students, under the guidance of their teachers, worked on the idol with used paper as part of their endeavour to promote eco-friendly celebrations.

“Bommala Koluvu', a fare of an assortment of toys positioned in an attractive pattern, was eye-catching.


This was followed by ‘aksharabhyasam' by toddlers, who are part of the Nalanda Toddler Play School that will formally be opened on Thursday.

Many children from outside in the vicinity joined the merry-making crowd. Assisted by their doting mothers who made them sit on their laps, the young ones experienced the joy of writing for the first time.

Evening was no less eventful as students enthralled the audience with a lively dandiya number performed in praise of the goddess.

What followed was meant to test the calibre of the students in individual capacity and in groups.

The many solo and group competitions held on the school campus brought out the best in the children.

The whole idea was to create a platform for children to enjoy the festival season and to learn about its significance in an authentic atmosphere.

“The concept of the nine avatars of the goddess during the nine-day festival raised a great deal of curiosity among the children who were eager to know all about the festival,” said Principal M. Padmaja.

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