Neither VMC nor R&B is willing to own the outlived structure

A bridge at Alankar centre has become a bone of contention between to government agencies – Roads and Building (R&B) and Vijayawada Municipal Corporation (VMC) – in the city.

While the people are expressing fears over the safety of the bridge, neither the VMC nor R&B is willing to own the bridge that has outlived its life.

There are two bridges, including one constructed during British rule, near Alankar centre on Ryve's Canal.

The footpaths on the old bridge are completely damaged, and children are seen using the breaches to reach pillars of the bridge. The railing has also come out at some points posing danger to pedestrians. As the bridge is used to reach railway station and further, the volume of traffic is high. When the signal is red three to four buses have to stop on the bridge making the hearts of those in buses and on the bridge race.

The corporation officials agreed that the bridge had sunk at points and footpaths were damaged. However, they don't foresee any problem.

Temporary measures

The corporation officials claimed that the matter had been brought to the notice of the R&B, but they (R&B officials) replied saying that the bridge was not on their list. Two of the 10 girders have become bent and are not in contact with the concrete work of the bridge. The VMC took up a few temporary measures to protect the footpaths. As it was old construction, the experts would have to suggest remedial measures to refurbish it, the officials said. The R&B officials, however, said they haven't received any communication from the corporation. More so, the R&B was not maintaining the bridge, they said. “It appears as if the bridge sags into a ‘U' shape when traffic comes to a grinding halt on the old bridge. The bridge needs immediate attention,” said Durga Prasad, a resident of Gandhi Nagar.

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