Gone in 60 seconds is too long, gone in a blink might be apt for the youth in Vijayawada revving up their bikes on the black-top roads.

Accidents have been on the rise recently and fingers are being pointed at the “heavy bikes” owned by the city youth.


We have a huge population with very narrow roads which are not suitable for the usage of these sports bikes, said Chigurupati Sudheekshan Foundation Chair Person Chigurupati Vimala. Government should ban such vehicles on roads,” she opined.

Youngsters retort to this generalised opinion of the older generation. “The noise might scare the people on roads, but we are capable enough to handle the bikes”, says Rahul Roy. Instead of blaming the bikes, people should instead look into the conditions of roads which are the main cause of accidents, he added.

The youth of the city opine that the condition of connecting roads deserve some more attention. Roads like Tikkle road, Pushpa Hotel road and the Pinnamaneni Poly Clinic road are always packed with bumper to bumper traffic and no proper traffic monitoring says Sanjitha Dasari. It gets very difficult to manoeuvre a car with people randomly crossing on the roads, she adds.

These youngsters also have some very interesting ideas on how to make the roads a little better to travel on.

Some of the suggestions these young people have to offer to the VMC are: make provision to build flyovers to facilitate the day by day increasing traffic levels, potholes need to be filled in (patchwork) especially in view of the rainy season, generate awareness about basic traffic sense both for the public and Government employees like RTC bus drivers, ensure that the traffic signals are in working condition, provide parking facilities on busy roads etc.

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