The police have started taking serious note of bike races being resorted to by youngsters and college students at select places on the outskirts of the city these days.

The recently laid Inner Ring Road and the riverbund's widened road are witnessing bike races in an increasing number.

As most of these youths come from influential families, the police have initially found it difficult to initiate serious action, but the increasing reports of these races have brought about a rethinking.

Moreover, there is the hard fact of former cricket captain Md. Azharuddin's son getting killed in an accident on the outskirts of the State capital.

Senior police officials said some youths from influential families were found to be involved in these races. They were let off after a little counselling. Every care would be taken to prevent participation of students in such races, they said.


The Penamaluru police took into custody nearly 10 youngsters when they were trying to start a bike race from the riverbund road near Lambadipet.

Many more youngsters were stated to have assembled there, but most of them disappeared after seeing the police.

After counselling, the students were allowed to go.

The youngsters are stated to be indulging in bike races on the riverbund road from the city to Avanigadda, as it has become handy for them after the widening.

In view of this, the police have appealed to the parents not to allow their children to go out for longer durations on holidays.

Some local people have informed the police that the students are gathering on the riverbund road on festival days and holidays and creating problems for road users.

There are also complaints that youngsters on high-power bikes are gathering on the Inner Ring Road near the Milk Project.

The police asked the local people to provide them information so that action could be initiated against them.

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