Telugu almanac cites Maghamasam as an auspicious month for tying nuptial knot

One look at the illuminating city and the immediate question that popped in the mind was “Why are people in so much hurry to get married?”

It was a Wednesday of shine and shimmer. All kalyana mandapams, auditoriums, function halls and even vacant places located amidst residential colonies transformed into marriage venues.

Parents and elders in the families of prospective brides and bridegrooms apparently had the foresight to book the venues much in advance. Telugu almanac, which occupies centre stage in marriage season, cites Maghamasam as an auspicious month for tying the nuptial knot.

The available muhurthams being very few in this month followed by a long gap, nobody seems to be in a mood to wait a while for taking the marital plunge.

After occupying all the possible venues in the city, the ‘crowd’ of brides and bridegrooms spilt over to the outskirts. Properties of the Vijayawada unit of AP Tourism Development Corporation (APTDC) – Haritha Berm Park and the picturesque Bhavani Island, were abuzz with activity.

Illuminated structures, both at the park and at the island made a spectacular sight for onlookers.

“Berm Park and Bhavani Island will remain occupied by marriage parties up to Sunday (February 17). The scarcity of venues is a boon to us. People will also realise the fun involved in having a marriage planned in an island. We want more people to come to Bhavani Island to tie the knot,” the Tourism Corporation’s Divisional Manager Juvvadi Raghupathi Rao, told The Hindu on Wednesday.

The Bhavani Island is playing host to marriage parties after a gap of almost a year. “Last year, an NRI couple eager to bring in an element of novelty in their wedding, chose the island as their marriage venue,” says Mr. Rao.

“Imagine the thrill of the guests who are ferried in and out of the Island in boats and their stay at the cottages. The newly-wedded couple last year stayed in one of the four tree-top cottages here,” he says.

Mr. Rao says a customised menu is considered for marriage parties and a 30 per cent discount offered on the accommodation.

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