The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)’s three-day ‘Hindu Chaitanya Sibiram’ began here with an impressive start, with the inauguration of ‘Bharateeya Pragnya’, a colourful exhibition of Indian culture and traditions, by retired Chief Justice of Allahabad High Court Ambati Lakshman Rao and RSS general secretary Suresh Joshi on Thursday.

BJP former president and Rajya Sabha member M. Venkaiah Naidu and other dignitaries were present.

The exhibition has unveiled the varied facets of Indian history, culture and traditions in their fully glory and it even showed scenes from Mahabharata and other mythological episodes in different forms.

The exhibits containing epic figures and portrayal of some battle scenes by Bangalore-based non–profit organisation ‘Dhaatu’ were the main attraction. Depictions of India’s cultural ties with its friendly countries dating back to the prehistoric period were also a big draw.

Addressing the exhibition inaugural session, Mr. Lakshman Rao said Indian culture took a beating by western influences and collective efforts have to be made to prevent further erosion of our values.

He said Hinduism is not a religion but a faith and a way of living. Collective efforts have to be made to protect it from the onslaught of cultures that came to the country from foreign shores long after the sages, philosophers and even scientists of this great land proved their mettle.

Mr. Suresh Joshi said Hinduism has the resilience to strike back from the low levels to which it was pushed by forces inimical to the country.

Hindu Chaitanya Sibiram Convener Gokaraju Gangaraju, RSS leaders M. Sundara Murthy and P.V. Rama Sai, BJP Guntur City President Jupudi Rangaraju, Dhaatu founder Anupama Hoskere and others were present.


RSS Hindu Chaitanya sibiram from Jan 18January 17, 2013

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