If anybody calls up your home (BSNL land line) and tells you that you have won gifts in a lucky dip, it is time for caution and restraint.

Any carelessness will land you in an “innovative but unfair” trap laid by the company concerned to make you buy their products whether you want them or not.

Representatives of such firms are calling up homes in city, telling them about gifts they won.

They go on to explain to the telephone owner has won a lucky dip taken out of a number of telephone numbers. They leave a code number, which the residents have to cite in their future correspondence for getting their gifts.

After all doubts are cleared, the “winner” is given a mobile number and instructions about how to give their residential address at the number so as to facilitate delivery of gifts at their doorsteps.

To further impress the “winners”, the representatives repeat the worth of the gifts which may be Rs. 5,000 to Rs. 10,000.

The woes of target begin the instant they pick up their phones to call the given number. Replying to this call, company executives quickly give details of products that the residents have won.

They congratulate the “winner” for the luck and tell them about the transportation of the said gifts from their main stores located either at Chennai or Bangalore. They coolly say that the cost of transportation, which is not a big amount when compared to the value of gifts won, has to be borne by the winner.

If someone is not careful about the cost of transportation, there is the likelihood of them falling into the trap. You also do not know the real value of gifts being delivered to you.

Tricky part

The tricky part is that the first caller gives inform about the lucky dip, but does not take down the address. The caller insists that a call is made to another number for the claiming of the gifts.

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