The suspense over what is inside the ‘sack of coins' will continue for a few more days as the hundi in which it was deposited was not opened on Monday.

Sri Durga Malleswara Swamivarla Devasthanam authorities opened 12 hundis out of about 40 hundis.

They, however, did not open the hundi in which the coins bag was dropped by temple superintendent Satyanarayana on last Monday, following a suggestion from the One Town police.

The hundi collection, actually, was scheduled on Saturday.

However, it was postponed to Monday without any intimation at the last moment.

The officials then explained that the counting was put on hold following a request from the bankers. More so, many of the employees were on leave to attend a marriage at Annavaram temple. The bankers also citied similar reason, temple EO Raghunath said.

The coin bag has been creating a flutter on Indrakeeladri ever since it was found on last Monday.

The EO charged that three priests deliberately placed the coin bag to tarnish his image. The priests strongly denied his allegation. Notwithstanding the denials, the EO has been claiming that the recording in CCTV was enough to prove his stance.


It was expected that the hundi counting would put an end to these allegations, counter allegations between the EO and priests, and the high voltage drama taking place at the temple. Even the superintendent was suspended for going against the rules.

The EO suspended him on charges that he moved the bag from Bhavani Mandapam to EO peshi without waiting for the police and security personnel to do ‘panchanama' (enquiry); secondly, he dropped the bag without informing higher-ups.

It may be recalled that the trouble cropped up with a priest informing the EO that a bag of coins was found at Bhavani Mandapam on last Monday. Mr. Raghunath asked the superintendent to enquire into the incident.

As the media rushed to the spot, the officials hurriedly dumped the cash in the hundi without counting it.

The Indarkeeladri is going agog that the sack contained cash and coins, and some of the staff hid it aside after hundi collection last time.

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