An awareness workshop was conducted by the Hydrology Project, Irrigation Department of Government of AP for urban women and Dwakra Groups of Guntur corporation on Monday.

The workshop was part of the project funded by World Bank and engaged in creating ‘`Hydrological Information System,” scientific and reliable data base on water along with climate observations.

Executive Engineer, Gauging Division, Guntur, J.Hridaya Ranjan gave a PowerPoint presentation and explained the activities of hydrology projects such as rainfall collection ,river flow measurements, water quality tests etc to the students, teachers and parents .

An exhibition was also arranged where the instruments used for measurement of quantity and quality of water, like current meters and Digital water level recorders PH meter ,EC meter were demonstrated to the urban women and members of self help groups explaining their working and their necessity to their full satisfaction.

Divisional Executive Engineer Mohideen ,Assistant Engineers J. Jeevaratnam, A.Subraymanyeswararao, M.Nalini Kumari were present.