The three-day workshop organised Atheist Centre near Benz Circle by the Gora Science Centre to promote science and scientific temperament, concluded on Sunday.

National president of the Federation of Indian Rationalist and Atheist Organisations Narendra Nayak, in his demonstrative lecture, performed simple magic tricks which come in handy for conmen to dupe the gullible public.


The ‘magic' workshop was aimed at dispelling misconceptions that religious babas can perform miracles.

Promoting spirit of enquiry among young children, Mr. Nayak, performed tricks that astonished the participants and later explained the scientific principles behind them.

The event aimed at driving out the darkness of superstition that has taken roots in many parts of the State and spread the light of science. That the spirit of enquiry, analysis and a thorough research are key components of any scientific theory became evidently clear by the end of the thee-day event.

Blind beliefs

Gynaecologist Maru, the chief guest on the occasion, pointed out that most of the superstition was rooted in the age-old blind beliefs and medical science was an effective tool to ward off such evil practices.

She said religious conmen generally thrived on mental weakness or psychological disorders of the gullible public to exercise their influence.

President of the Indian Medical Association G. Samaram, Vijayam of Nasthik Kendram, Niyanta of Gora Science Centre and others took active part in the three-day training camp.

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