Special prayers mark the occasion

The mood was sombre and the faith firm as Christians observed Good Friday in the city churches.

Local churches saw devotees assemble to offer prayers to the Almighty on this all-important day.

The day's special sermons revolved around the significance of the occasion – crucifixion of Jesus Christ on the Calvary. Many faithful shed tears commemorating the pain and anguish the Christ suffered for the sinners of this world before being crucified.

Members of the RCM Church at Ajit Singh Nagar enacted the crucifixion scene by carrying the heavy cross on the back.

Moving in a silent procession through the thoroughfares, the devotees evoked curious glances of the onlookers and passers-by who paused to gaze at the scene extracted from the Bible.

Rev. Fr. V. Thomas and K.T. Joseph led the procession. The gloom will dispel on Sunday, the Easter day, when Christ is believed to have risen from his grave to save the mankind.

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