Six-year-old voluntary blood donors' contact information website has been listed in the Limca Book of Records – 2011 as the “Largest Voluntary Blood Donors' Online Database”. It currently has a database of 90,000 voluntary blood donors.

According to a release from the founder of the Friends To Support Organisation Sk. Shareef, the Limca Book of Records on Monday communicated to the organisation about this entry in the book.

The mention in the book says: “ has the largest online database that is open to all 24X7. No other website provides information about such a large number of voluntary blood donors without a middleman. Open domain benefits more people. The database of f2s is utilized by all blood banks in the country. Friends to Support Organisation does not believe in maintaining secrecy if the donor is willing to display his/her contact information for the benefit of the people. It does not run any blood bank and no large institution monopolises its database.

The website will also formally launch a new short-massaging-system feature on Tuesday, Valentine's Day, for any voluntary donor registering with the website to ensure the information is genuine.

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