Congress party MLAs Malladi Vishnu and Jogi Ramesh and Samaikyandhra protagonists have asked the Telangana Employees Joint Action Committee to withdraw their agitation as the poorer and backward sections were facing innumerable problems because of the Sakala Janula Samme in Telagnana region.

At a press conference here on Tuesday, they said that the richer sections were not affected, but those in the bottom half of the economic strata were the worst-affected and the TEJAC should at least now follow in the footsteps of the RTC employees in resuming their duties. The Congress MLAs said: “If they continue the strike, the day is nearer when students, parents and citizens will attack them. It is not proper to test their patience so long,” they added.

Vijayawada Central MLA Mr. Vishnu and Pedana MLA Mr. Ramesh said that while farmers, school children, parents and general public were facing untold misery due to the strike, the life of rich people like K. Chandrasekhara Rao continues to be luxurious as they ply in high-end cars and their children study in top corporate schools, which remain open despite the crippling strike.

Restore peace

The I-Max theatres and Telangana-based institutions continue their operations while others are made to suffer heavily, they deplored. Mr. Vishnu said that it was the duty of the Chief Minister to take measures to restore peace and normalcy in the troubled region as he was answerable to the 8 crore people of the State.

“KTR has no business to criticise the Chief Minister. The TRS leader is trying to instigate people by passing undue remarks against the Chief Minister and this will not be tolerated any longer,” he added.

Congress Samaikyandhra leader and PCC secretary Kolanukonda Sivaji appealed to the people of Telangana not to remain in the trap of TRS leaders, as they were raising false hopes about the separate state each time only for their self-promotion and nothing else. He expressed surprise over the Telangana institutions like Detla, Mega, Sarma and Ramaiah coaching institutes were continuing their classes though the separatist agitation was at its peak.

He ridiculed KCR's statements, asking as to why his grandchildren were studying in Oakridge corporate school while those of average families in the region were made to suffer.

The Congress Andhra leaders appealed to the party high command not to “trust” the Telangana Congress MPs, as the latter were merely coming out with twisted facts on the situation in the region only to help the TRS leaders in turning the situation worse.

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