Acharya Nagarjuna University has drawn up a plan of action for curbing eve-teasing on and the campus with some stringent punishments suggested for the offenders.

The University Registrar R.R.L. Kantham in a release said that if someone involves in the verbal and physical harassment of women all penal actions would attract.

Describing various types of actions that are considered eve-teasing he said jostled, rubbed and squeezed, passing indecent remarks, indulging in cat calls, waving wolf whistling, winking, and singing obscene songs, are very common forms.

At a meeting with Principals of the colleges and university faculty he said that eve-teasing has got replaced with some brazen acts of duppata snatching, back patting, force kissing, telephone a girl and uttering obscene and suggestive words, and inciting anonymous love letters in the most filthy languages.

The culprits are not only goondas but they belong to the educated and cultured and affluent families, professionals like lawyers, teachers and civil servants also. Eve-teasing by itself is not an offence under any law at present, but a close reading of Sections 294 and 354 of Indian Penal Code clearly indicate that the substance of the act of eve-teasing would be covered by them.

Action plan proposed to be implemented at ANU and its affiliated colleges is to develop a proforma of undertaking to be signed by both students and parent at the time of admission, to be complied with any action taken by the university in case of students involvement in ‘eve-teasing’ on the campus and/ or outside. ANU will sensitise new students and parents about the legal consequences and disciplinary action against eve-teasers.

It will design ‘Poster-material’ and ‘Catchy-Captions’ Hoardings and Display – boards, and install them at appropriate places on the university campus.

The ‘Anti-ragging Monitoring Committee’ and ‘Anti-ragging squad’ of each college or university campus, will have the responsibility of vigilance and surveillance of eve-teasers and prevention measures. It will direct the HoDs to make an announcement in the class rooms that girl students can complain about eve-teasing incidents to either the HoD or to a woman teacher identified by the HOD for this purpose in the department.

The contact phone numbers of both HOD & woman-faculty member will be provided to the girl students of the department. ‘Anti-Eve-teasing’ campaign will be taken up through NSS - units of the ANU campus and affiliated colleges.

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