Ghazal Srinivas went round the busy junctions in the city distributing masks to the traffic police personnel at various places on Saturday. The air filter masks are stated to be the best way to fight air pollution related disorders that were the professional hazards for the traffic police personnel.

Mr. Srinivas distributed about 500 masks when he asked the traffic police staff to compulsorily use them in the best interests of their health. He advised them to be very careful and not neglect the immediate issue of taking precautions from air pollution, as there were reports of many staff members suffering from breathing problems.

The distribution of the air filter masks was carried out at the busy traffic junctions like Benz Circle, Convent Circle, DV Manor Hotel junction, Chennupati Petrol Bunk, Eluru Road and so on. Accompanied by his followers, Mr. Srinivas met the traffic police personnel who were on duty and handed over masks to them. He also showed them how to use the masks carefully and for getting the best results.

Speaking to the media personnel at Benz Circle, Mr. Ghazal Srinivas said that he was greatly perturbed by the hazards of the traffic police men standing on duty at the traffic junctions where the highest air pollution was being recorded. The constant dust and noise were indeed a matter of concern with regard to the health conditions of these personnel. Though they were using and trying a variety of helmets and masks to fight air pollution, the most effective way was found out to be the wearing of the air filter masks.

Mr. Srinivas said that he had been distributing these air masks to the traffic police men for many years and he had distributed over 10,000 pieces to the staff in Hyderabad. These masks would be easy to use and could be disposed of after a few days.

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