Says bawdy songs have harmful effect on young minds

All India Democratic Women’s Association (AIDWA) State secretary K. Swaroopa Rani demanded ban on TV programmes telecast during late hours bordering on obscenity, especially bawdy film songs.

She observed that such programmes would likely to have a serious effect on young minds.

“We appeal to the government to impose ban on Telugu programmes such as ‘Midnight Masala’ and ‘Idi Mallela Velayani’ on television. In fact the appeal was one of the recommendations suggested by Justice Verma Committee for the prevention of sexual assault against women, ”Ms. Swaroopa Rani said. “It is unfortunate that children of impressionable age are imitating the characters in such programmes and are lured to bad habits. These vulgar programmes are polluting the youth. According to National Crime Records Bureau, crime against women has increased by 825 per cent in the last few years,” she said while speaking at a debate on ‘Women Problems – Solutions’ in the city.

Insulting titles

Expressing anguish over the fall of standards of filmmaking, Ms. Rani said titles and dialogues in some movies were highly objectionable. “The lewd comments uttered by students on girls, teachers and parents in movies are harming the reputation of our culture. We approached the Censor Board and courts on several occasions and the AIDWA is planning to meet the film directors and producers in this regard,” she said.

She also found fault with girls taking part in rave parties, consuming liquor in pubs during nights and smoking in public places, especially in cities. “We appeal to the youth not to pursue such harmful habits,” the AIDWA leader advised.

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