The Seemandhra advocates’ JAC will revive its legal battle against bifurcation in the Supreme Court once the ‘cause of action’ arises from the Assembly and mount pressure on the Members of Parliament (MPs) from Coastal Andhra and Rayalaseema from the moment the Draft Bill on Telangana reaches Parliament.

The advocates will grill the defiant Congress MPs and send them SMSes and e-mails as a reminder of their bounden duty to fight for unified State. “The MPs should remember that it is the people who elected them, not the Congress high command, and stop serving their personal interests”, the JAC leaders warned.

At a meeting held at A.S. Rama Rao Hall near the City Civil Courts here on Thursday, JAC leaders M. Jayakar, A.P Bar Council members S. Rajendra Prasad, Muppalla Subba Rao, V. Srinivasa Reddy, S. Krishna Mohan and V. Brahma Reddy and others said the apex court had refused to entertain the writ petition filed on behalf of Seemandhra advocates’ JAC considering it premature at that stage to intervene in the matter.

“The JAC has therefore not run out of options to fight against bifurcation, it is only waiting for the appropriate time to throw its weight behind the protagonists of unified State”, the JAC leaders asserted. The ‘views of the Assembly’ (on bifurcation) were supposed to be taken into account as it was envisaged under Article 3 of the Constitution, the JAC leaders observed and added that there were not only precedents but also conventions which could not be bypassed.