Carrom, the most commonly played indoor game, is all set to undergo major changes in accordance with the decisions taken by the All India Carrom Federation (AICF).

The AICF, which is keen on making the game more “spectator-friendly” and “media-friendly”, has introduced a few changes and the notable one is positioning of lighting.

“Earlier, we used to have light hanging right in the middle of the table, which obstructed the view of the spectators. Now the light has been shifted to one side of the board, giving enough room for the viewers to watch the on-board tussle,” said Andhra Carrom Association general secretary Sk. Abdul Jaleel, speaking to The Hindu here on the sidelines of third ‘Test” between India and Sri Lanka on Thursday.

This apart, the carrom board would don a colourful look with coins and strikers undergoing changes in colour to make the game more “visually-pleasing”.

“These changes have been introduced in private tournaments conducted recently. Very soon these changes will be implemented all over the world without modifying the finer aspects of the game,” he said.


Mr. Jaleel said that the calendar for the year 2010-2011 was finalised and three major ranking tournaments will be held at Anantapur, Srikakulam and in Prakasam district.

“The sub-junior inter-district tournament will be held at Guntur, while the junior and senior will be held at Kurnool and Chittoor respectively. We want to take the game to all corners of Andhra region,” he said.

The match between India and Sri Lanka was a treat to die-hard fans of the game, as top quality players of the game, such as World No. 1 Yogesh Pardeshi, International players Prakash Gaikwad and Zaheer Pasha, excelled in pocketing the coins and giving India a 3-0 victory. Women players Ilavazhaki, M. Parmila Devi and G. Revathy too blanked their rivals 3-0.

It was 17 years ago, in 1993, India crossed swords with Sri Lanka at the same venue (LVR & Sons and Reading Room) with India emerging triumphant.

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