‘Make doctors aware of new concepts such as GLP-1 and Gip’

Diabetes is the mother of all diseases and the cause for many other health ailments. It is better to take preventive care than to repent later, Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences Vice-Chancellor I.V. Rao has said.

Speaking at the two-day Diabetes-2012 symposium organised by the Yalamanchi Diabetes Research Foundation, Dr. Rao appreciated the foundation for conducting an informative scientific research programme. He said diabetologists needed a holistic approach and this symposium would help in delivering all necessary information required.

He said new concepts such as GLP-1 and Gip were evolving and doctors should be told about them to help improve the quality of life for the ever-increasing herd of diabetics.

His advice to the general public was to lead an active life and get enough amount of exercise to prevent the disease itself. Speaking on the occasion, Organising Committee chairman Yalamanchi Sadasiva Rao said this was the first-of-its-kind programme in the last 25 years. He said the aim of the symposium was to throw light on latest developments in the field of diabetology and to exchange interesting ideas.

He said the foundation would give gold medals as a token of appreciation to doctors who aid in diabetic research.

International Diabetes Federation vice-president Shaukat Sadikot blamed the hi-tech lifestyle of the current generation for the increasing number of diabetic patients. Dr. Shaukat said complete cure was still a long way to go but, at the same time, they were making a lot of progress in reaching that point.

Yoga and meditation

Contrary to all technical talk, Indian Medical Association city president L. Subba Rao advised yoga and meditation to keep a check on sugar levels.

The symposium will continue on Sunday at the Aahwanam Function Hall, where various complications of diabetics and the latest developments to control them such as insulin, bariatric surgery will be discussed by experts.