An air of nostalgia prevailed over the Hindu College High School on a warm Sunday afternoon at the golden jubilee celebrations of Alumni association.

Over 500 men and women assembled on the school premises went down the memory lane recollecting the most fruitful years of life they had spent at the alma mater.

The introductory morning session had its fill of fun and frolic as games like musical chairs were conducted and the old `boys' did try to tickle the funny bone of their mates. For a while it seemed that the scorching summer could least deter the enthusiasm of the members of alumni.

As soon as the meet started, the celebrations kicked off. G.Y.N Babu, general secretary of alumni, appeared tensed up before the meet but his anxiety gave away soon.

The members of orchestra belted out a few classical numbers to add pep to the proceedings.

Some braced up in a warm cuddle, while come exchanged pleasantries. Warm handshakes followed during the breakfast. Most others were able to recongnise the peers at the drop of a hat.

“I remember the sight of steam buses rolling on from the Old Bus Stand (the present P.V Naidu market). Since I was outstanding in sports, I was given a lee way from attending classes and I used to watch with glee the buses rolling by,” reminisced Kallaganti Nageswara Rao (a student of 1942-50 batch). Mr. Rao says that many students were active in Quit India Movement and two students were felled during a police firing.

Some others recollected the fond association they had with their teachers. ``We used to have fun while addressing the teachers by their nick names. Srinivasa Rao sir used to be called as Shivaji, as he always donned the role in plays,'' said Srinivasa Rao.

In the evening function presided over by Polisetty Sri Hari Prasada Rao, Major Indusries Minister Kanna Lakshminarayana, another member of alumni, was the chief guest.

Veteran film actor M. Balaiah, cine writer M. Diwakar Babu, prominent stage artiste Achanta Venkatratnam Naidu and Kasaraneni Sadasiva Rao were felicitated.

\The students also remembered their teachers and few head masters including, Kastula Hanumantha Rao and Patri Suba Rao were felicitated. The meeting was followed by a gala dinner.

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