An earthen smell lingers around as one makes his way through the narrow lanes of Koretipadu.

The elderly ambling and spending better part of evenings around the village square and at the temple is an unusual sight in a town whose skyline is changing by the day as years are rolling by.

This quaint place is stepped in the history. It derived its name from the household name of one of the greatest poets in Telugu, Tikkana.

Daruvuri Veeraiah, who has written about authentic history of Guntur district in his book ‘Gunturu Mandala Sarvasvam,’’ says Kottaravu, household name of Tikkana, gradually changed to Kottaru and later to Koretipadu.

The book also mentions that Koretipadu had existed even before Guntur. The boundaries of the village extend from present JKC College to Pandaripuram. The area has now been divided into many residential colonies for facilitating development works.

The times are fast changing, and the quaint village has transformed itself into a bustling residential and commercial locality with a cluster of apartments and high-rise buildings dotting the skyline.

A sprawling walking track nestled among a row of trees is the most favoured destination here. The track abuts a water tank and measures 850 metres.

The track springs to life in the early hours with people, young and old, making their way to the park. For many, a walk around the tank surrounded by trees is a refreshing start to the day.

“We have 340 life members in the association. Our walkers’ association is encouraging people to walk and be healthy and also to contribute to society. We are affiliated to 42 associations in India and Singapore and are proud to say that our association ranks among the best performing associations,’’ Chelikani Seetharamaiah, president of Koretipadu Walkers Association told The Hindu on Sunday. Apart from the park, there is little to cheer about the locality.

In spite of being one of the most populated areas, the locality does not have a Rytu Bazaar.

It did have a market centre, but was pulled down long back.

The locality does not have a Municipal Health Centre and the facilities at the municipal schools are deplorable.

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