The Grand Central ballroom of hotel Gateway reverberated with high energy on Wednesday evening. A vibrant crowd of children sporting school uniforms in different colours and patterns added lustre to the venue. A small audience, a selected few from target sections, seated in the rows of chairs watched with great interest the unfolding of the eventful evening.

It was an exclusive fashion show for elite schools in and around Vijayawada, which had the opportunity to peek into trendy ideas of school uniforms designed exclusively by children of Care and Share Charitable Trust, a local voluntary organisation.

The NGO has worked on nearly 250 uniform designs with a hope that they will attract the attention of the managements of the local schools which can place their orders accordingly.

“We have manufacturing units for churning out school stuff such as uniforms, footwear, school bags, and other accessories. Our children are trained and well equipped with the wherewithal to produce some of the trendiest patterns,” said Swathi Mohanty of the organisation.

The objective was to showcase these designs in front of the school directors, principals, and other representatives who comprised the audience in the hall. Following a few peppy dance numbers presented by senior boys, it was time for ramp walk.

Racy numbers

There were several sequences, which saw boys and girls of all age groups taking to the ramp, flaunting their new set of uniforms in each round. School bags, footwear, uniforms, and several other knick-knacks made by the inmates were displayed for an exhibition-cum-saleThe Trust representatives complimented the participants for their wonderful show.

Schools or individuals interested in buying the products designed by the young ones can contact Swathi Mohanty on 9912149994.

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