Usha trains only ladies on riding two-wheelers at Swaraj Maidan in city. Curiously, it is summer that learners prefer, thanks to holidays.

The office of ‘Usha Driving School’ is a stunted Gulmohar tree on the edge of Swaraj Maidan opposite the main gate of the State Guest House. Driving instructor Usha sits in the shade of the tree with three scooters near her.

A signboard bearing the name of the driving school is hung on the trunk, while she instructs her students, who are mostly housewives and college students. When she leaves after work, she takes the signboard home, too.

Curiously, it is summer that learners prefer, thanks to holidays. “Only those who are very sensitive to the sun prefer winter,” says Ms. Usha, whose school is exclusively meant for ladies.

“On the first day, we train learners in making rounds on the two-wheeler. On the second day, they are taught to ride pillion. On the third day, they learn how to stop at traffic signals and take a turn. This is also done on the ground, and not on the road. On the last two days, learners ride in heavy traffic,” she says.

“Six days are enough for those who know bicycle riding to learn two-wheeler. Those who don’t know bicycle riding will take 10 days to learn,” Ms. Usha says.

The time taken by a novice to learn two-wheeler riding depends on ‘fear factor’. “Some are extremely afraid of driving. We know how to make them get rid of their fear,” she says.

Ms. Usha worked as an apprentice for a year with her elder sister who is a driving instructor.

Most of her clients contact her on telephone (8179913913) and go to Swaraj Maidan to learn two-wheeler.

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