Crack down on driving without licence, use of mobile phone while driving

A large number of vehicle users who were caught by the traffic police on Monday, during an intensive drive taken up to crack down on driving without valid licence, triple riding, use of mobile phone while driving and drunken driving, were counselled by the Deputy Commissioner of Police M. Ravindranath Babu on Tuesday and let off with a warning.

About 200 people, whose vehicles were seized in respect of the first three offences, were called to the police commissionerate and cautioned against indulging in such offences once again. The vehicles were handed over to them only after they went through the counselling session.

Another 40 persons, who were booked for drunken driving during the enforcement drive taken up on Monday night were counselled in a separate session on Tuesday evening.

The DCP made clear to everybody booked for an offence that repeat of it would lead to cancellation of driving licence.

The day also saw the police counselling the dwellers of apartments in various localities about the need to take several precautions to prevent thefts and housebreaks. In the wake of a good number of such crimes being reported in the last few days, the police from the level of assistant commissioners to the sub-inspectors visited about 100 apartments during the day and listed the steps to be taken to prevent crimes.

The police told the apartments' associations that they should have a permanent security guard.

A register should be maintained on the movement of persons.

Installation of a closed circuit camera at the entrance to the apartment and owners of apartments getting electronic security systems fixed to their flats would go a long way in preventing the crimes, the police said.

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