Employees of Veterinary Department formed as a society in 1972 and developed the colony

The name suggests. It’s a colony of Veterinarians or who served in the Veterinary department. Probably, it is one of the few colonies that got layout approval from Hyderabad.

Progressing on the lines of the city, some of the old tenements in the colony have now transformed into bungalows. A row of cars stands parked on all the streets on the colony endorsing the status of the local residents now. The colony, which once was sans apartments, is paving way for the apartments. Some of the society members sold their plots and left for their native places. The residents now comprise people of diverse fields like businessmen, government employees and professionals.

The employees of Veterinary department formed as a society in 1972, and developed the colony. The plots – admeasuring 400, 300, and 200 sq.yards – were allotted to members.

The Housing Board constructed 58 houses in 80s following a request by the society. It drew the attention of realtors and new colonies developed around it, recalls K. Pitchi Raju, an old timer and treasurer of gymnasium. The MPs, including Atkinson and Vadde Shobanadreeswara Rao, allotted grants for the development of colony.

Veterinary Colony Welfare Association president N. Subba Rao and others said the colony now stands an example for diverse reasons. The greenery on all roads and its calm and serene environs catches the attention of visitors. The colony has two parks, including a big one in 1.5 acres. And, a community hall is also a part of the colony. The colony has 125 plots, and 200 families.

Walking track

Convinced, the residents decided that they would create an environment that would have the potential to increase physical activity patterns. They mobilised resources to build a park in the area. Now, it has an open meeting place with permanent concrete benches under the shade of trees, a walking track and some play equipment for children. Not just that a gymnasium is managed by the association with its own funds. The park has been adjudged the best in the city in competitions conducted by the Vijayawada Municipal Corporation during its 25 years celebrations.

The association also organises Srirama Navami celebrations. The five-day celebrations are a unique feature as most of the other colonies organises the celebrations only for a day. Not less than 1500 people dine together on the last day, said Mr. Pitchi Raju.

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