Farmers have no option of averting the likely damage to the standing paddy crop, except for praying to the almighty.

The record speed of winds, between 150 and 170 kmph of the `very severe cyclone’ Lehar likely to hit Krishna district coast can damage entire standing crop.

Measures on a war-footing have already been taken for evacuation of people living within 5 km of the coast to minimise the human loss. However, both the farmers and officials have no alternative to save the paddy crop in thousands of acres, which are at harvesting stage.


Tension prevailed by Wednesday evening across the district after Indian Meteorological Authorities confirmed that the Cyclone Lehar would make landfall near Machilipatnam, instead of Kakinada as predicted earlier.

“It is not the continuous rainfall that matters. The wind speed will have massive impact on everything as it will damage grain and lead to collapse of the plant at this crucial stage,” said farmers who have lost hopes on reaping good yield in kharif.

Lehar is the third consecutive cyclone in the past one month that will badly impact Machilipatnam coast and its surroundings.

Harvesting of paddy is yet to kick-start in Krishna district, whereas half of the paddy fields were harvested in its neighbouring Godavari districts. After 2012 kharif, there was no production of paddy in majority of mandals in the district in the absence of rabi crop.