The credit potential of Krishna District has increased to Rs.8,271 crore registering an excellent growth of 25 per cent, said Collector M. Raghunatha Rao releasing the potential linked credit plan (PLP) of the district for 2014-15 at the bankers meeting held here on Tuesday.

NABARD Assistant General Manager N. Madhumurthy giving highlights of the PLP said 63 per cent of the credit potential had been allocated to agriculture and allied sectors. Giving a break up of the PLP projections Mr. Madhumurthy said the Rs. 3,573 crore has been allocated for crop production, maintenance and marketing.

The allocation for term investment for agriculture and allied activities was Rs. 1,638 crore and the total investment under agriculture and allied activities was Rs. 5,211 crore. The allocation for SME sector was Rs. 1,206 crore and for other priority sector was Rs1,800 crore. Giving the sub-section wise PLP projects for the coming financial year, the AGM said water resources had been allocated Rs. 75.33 crore, land development Rs 75.94 crore, farm mechanisation Rs. 211.54 crore, plantation and horticulture Rs 190.83 crore, Forestry and Waste Land Development Rs. 23.09 crore, Animal Husbandry --Dairy Development Rs. 180.79 crore, poultry Rs. 217.09 crore and sheep/piggery Rs. 41.72 crore, fishery development Rs. 321.60 crore, storage godowns and market yards Rs. 150.77 crore, renewable sources of energy and waste management Rs 53.32 crore and the allocation for other activities was Rs. 96.02 crore.