The Central Crime Station (CCS) police arrested a former offender Syed Jafar and recovered 24 motorcycles reportedly stolen by him. The accused stole the motorcycles in the last two years, said Central Zone Assistant Commissioner of Police P. Satyanarayana Rao.

The police, who displayed the two-wheelers, said that Jafar, a native of Enikepadu on Vijayawada outskirts, was convicted on similar charges earlier.

He was wanted in various theft cases under Governorpet, Satyanarayanapuram, Machavaram, Patamata, Suryaraopeta and Hanuman Junction police, said the ACP at a press conference held here on Friday.

Mr. Rao said the modus operandi of the accused is to unlock the motorcycles with duplicate keys at parking places and take them away. Jafar kept the vehicles at different places in the city and was planning to sell them, said the ACP.

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