About 2,000 people take meal during temple festivities in Pamarru mandal

Around two hundred people from five villages in Pamarru mandal were taken ill after they consumed contaminated food during a religious ceremony on Sunday afternoon. Most of the victims were children and had symptoms of diarrhoea vomiting sensation.

While there were no casualties, three major medical camps were organised on Monday around Pamarru to screen people from all the villages.

On being informed about the rising number of cases by midnight, the Medical and Health Department staff set up three camps late on Sunday. District Epidemic Rapid Response Team also began identifying new cases among others who had consumed the food. An estimated 2,000 people had taken the meal during Lord Venkateswara ‘kalyanam’ festivities at Parishepalli village temple in Pamarru mandal. The apparent cause for food poisoning was mixing of contaminated water in the curd .