The 120th Urs-E-Shareef of Sri Hazrath Kale Mastan Shavilla will kick start on June 7 at the Mastan Vali Dargah here at Nagarampalem.

Temple trustee Ravi Rammohan Rao said on Monday that all arrangements have been put in place for the smooth conduct of the 5-day celebrations.The Dargah has been a symbol of community brotherhood for the last 120 years.

Legend has it that Mastan Vali (Baba) was born at Tiruchinapalli in Tamil Nadu. After spending his childhood, he left his home and started a penance attaining several supernatural powers. He wandered several places before ending his life in Guntur on May 23, 1895. Though the age of the saint has not been ascertained so far, popular fables abound with tales of the saint living close to 250 years or so. Several tales of magical and mysterious tales of Mastan Vali has made the Dargah a popular abode for many believers cutting across religious lines. Mr. Rao said that the festivities would start with a colourful procession through the main road. Special rituals would be done to the holy chair on which Baba was believed to have been seated on and a holy cot on which he was believed to have reclined until his death.

The devotees would be provided with free meals, Mr. Rao added.