Sewage water overflowing from the underground drainage on the tenth cross street in Sundaram Nagar on Medical College road in Thanjavur is polluting the area.

Sewage water is flowing like river on the road. "Stench emanating from the sewage and the ensuing pollution raises apprehensions of an impending epidemic " say residents.

The problem remains unresolved for the past one week and our representation to the Tamil Nadu Water Supply and Drainage Board (TWAD) which has to maintain the system and plug leakages has not yielded any result, said the residents.

Enquiries with TWAD Board reveal that there is a separate sub-division to maintain underground drainage. But the maintenance work has been handed over to a contractor who has to attend to the defects.

It is learnt that contractor doesn't have adequate machinery or manpower to attend to leakages. A motor has to be fixed at the Booster Station on Medical College Road near Rajappa Nagar, but that has also not been done. Sewage overflow from the manhole on Medical College Road located opposite to the Excise department office is also a common sight.

Underground drainage work was completed after six years in the town and now there are six pumping stations and eleven lifting stations. Pipelines have been laid to a distance of 240 km. There is a sewage treatment plant at Marimamman Koil. There are nearly 10,000 connections now.

TWAD engineers, when contacted said that they are attending to the leakage.