The Centre for High Pressure Research, School of Physics, Bharathidasan University, will organise a two-day awareness workshop on ‘the facilities of UGC-DAE Consortium for Scientific Research’ here on September 16 and 17.

The objective of the workshop is to make potential users from universities and other academic institutions in southern India aware of the in-house advanced research facilities available at the UGC-DAE CSR covering the following areas: surface science, x-ray reflectivity and x-ray diffraction, microscopy (TEM/SEM and scanning probe microscopy), spectroscopy (Mossbauer, Raman and EXAFS), materials preparation and characterisation techniques, properties of materials at low temperatures and high fields, and utilisation of synchrotron radiation.

An introduction to the facilities available and research activities centered on Mumbai and Calcutta centres of CSR as well as materials science division of IGCAR, Kalpakkam will also be dealt with.

The university has invited participants from all the four Southern States. Many will be from Tamil Nadu, S. Arumugam, Co-ordinator, Centre for High Pressure Research, Bharathidasan University, and workshop Convenor said in a communication. More details of the facilities with the UGC-DAE CSR can be found at