Rotary Club distributes first aid kits to be kept in the vehicles

Women autorickshaw drivers, who are being trained by the Women Entrepreneur’s Association of Tamil Nadu (WEAT), may not only usher the trend of metered autoricksaws in the city, but also exemplify the significance of first-aid on roads.

First-aid kits, like meters, are generally non-existent in autorickshaws in the city. Thanks to the distribution of first-aid kits to 15 women trainee drivers by the Rotary Club of Tiruchirapalli, this may soon change. The women drivers are expected to give life to the metered autoricksaw scheme devised by the Consumer Protection Council, Tamil Nadu.

While 25 women turned up for the training, some withdrew for various reasons, primarily financial. Of the 15 women being trained, five have obtained driving licence, said N. Manimekalai, professor, Department of Women’s Studies, Bharathidasan University.

S. Mohamed Hussain, president of the club, presided over the programme.

While most first-aid boxes in autorickshaws are used to store tools, the women drivers would make right use of them, said Panchanathan, a club member.

The kits were presented on the club’s observance of International Red Cross Day, said secretary S. Rajasekaran.

In connection with the event, a talk on “life without medicine” was given by Om Prakash, alternative medicine exponent from Mumbai. He elaborated on the benefits of food in nature, particularly fruits.