The Rs. 3-crore road widening project was taken up in 2011

After a long delay, the Tiruchirapalli City Corporation has resumed construction of the median along the West Boulevard Road, one of the busiest roads in the city.

The concrete median is being built between the Regional Passport Office at Markkadai and Ibrahim Park, leaving out the short stretch in front of the Thevar Hall and MLA’s Office, a corporation official said.

The median was to have come up as part of a Rs. 3-crore project to widen and strengthen the stretch between the Teppakulam Post Office and Marakkadai taken up by the corporation in 2011.

Although the road was re-laid after felling several trees on the stretch, construction of the median was left incomplete last year.

A trench in the middle of the road, apparently meant for the construction of the median, was even cemented as road users faced a tough time because of accumulation of sand.

The stoppage of the work had led to speculation about possible opposition from a section of traders to construction of the median as it would constrict the space for loading and unloading goods from trucks.

With a slew of hardware shops along the road, several light commercial vehicles are parked along the road. There have been complaints from civic activists that these vehicles had occupied a substantial area of the additional space created by cutting down the trees.

While the corporation sources say that the construction of the median would help check the problem, civic activists feel it would require concerted action by the police. There were allegations expressing happiness over the construction of the median, M. Sekaran, president, Federation of Consumer and Service Organisations, and a member of the District Road Safety Council, pointed out that the work had been taken up now after being repeatedly raised at the council meetings.

“The police should prevent parking of goods vehicles along the road and consider allowing two-way traffic on the stretch. At least light vehicles can be allowed towards Ibrahim Park from Marakkadai,” he said.