A rubber stamp affixing campaign, urging the public to exercise their right to vote, was organised at the District Central Library in the city on Wednesday.

The drive was held as part of the voter awareness programme being organised by the district administration in Tiruchi.

A white board was placed at the entrance to the library, with a note about the importance of casting a vote and urging people to affirm that they will vote during the general elections to be held in the State on April 24.

Persons were asked to affirm by placing the rubber stamp on the register and their signature below it. The rubber stamp contained the engraving:

“I will cast my vote honestly and without fail”.

The day long campaign was organised at the branch libraries at Manapparai, Tiruverumbur, Srirangam, Lalgudi, Musiri, Mannachanallur, Thuraiyur, and Thottiyam, according to the central library sources.