VOC road in the heart of the city has been reduced to tatters in the recent rains. The poor condition of the road from Central Bus Stand to Collector Office Road should be seen to be believed.

The road is riddled with potholes and is hardly motorable. A few government offices, residential apartments, marriage hall, officers club, and Bishop’s house dot the road.

Employees of the collectorate, Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation main office, K.A.P. Viswanatham Government College, and Government Physiotherapy College, who arrive by buses take this road to reach their work places. The road is also a short cut for reaching Cantonment.

Residents of the road returning at nights are the worst sufferers. The road that was already in a bad condition, turned worse with the continued sharp showers experienced by the city in the last few days.

Every time, after the monsoon , the civic body takes up patch-up works to restore the damaged parts of the road which give up in subsequent showers.

The road was closed to heavy vehicles, particularly buses, which used to reach Central Bus Stand from Collector Office Road, although the scheduled route is via Periamilaguparai and Aristo Hotel Junction.

The Corporation should take immediate steps for relaying the road. It should also ban the plying of heavy vehicles on the road, says Kumudha, a housewife.