The ritual depicts ‘robbing’ of Lord and his Consort by Thirumangaimannan

A large number of devotees witnessed the Tirumangaimannan Vedupari, a holy ritual at Srirangam Sri Ranganathaswamy temple and offered worship to Namperumal on Saturday.

Signifying the eighth day celebrations of 'Iraapathu' of Vaikunta Ekadasi, the ritual marks the divine blessing to Tirumangaimannan who comes to rob the valuables of Lord Narayanan and His Consort. Hence, the whole course of the ritual is named after him.

Namperumal was brought from Sandhanu mandapam on horse palanquin, marking the commencement of Vedupari. After the rituals associated with Vaiyali Vagaiara Kandarulal, Namperumal was taken to Tirumamani mandapam,

Arayar sevai signifying the Vedupari was performed on the occasion commencing from Nedumarkadimai pasuram.