A palm-sized edition of Kambaramayanam to be published soon

Tamil University is engaged in publishing popular series of books besides bringing out quality research books, said M. Thirumalai, Vice-Chancellor, Tamil University, here on Sunday.

Inaugurating an exhibition-cum-sale of books at 50 per cent discount at the Palace building of the university, Mr. Thirumalai said that small books for the enlightenment and entertainment of people would be brought out on Tamil literature to help people enjoy reading and enriching them.

“We would like to bring out a palm-sized edition of Kambaramayanam so that people can carry them easily and read,” he said.

Last September, the university sold books to the tune of Rs. 2,80,000 in the discount sale. “This year we hope to do sales more than that of last year,” he said.

He said that as a marketing strategy, a book shop would be opened by the university in town for selling the books. “We want to make book shop a customers delight,” he said. Publication department had a deposit of Rs. 20 lakh and hence could be utilised any time for book printing. “Moreover, I am going to allot a substantial sum from Rs. 2 crore given by Tamil Nadu Government and Rs. 70 lakh given by University Grants Commission (UGC) for the publication department,” he said.

Books are the best companions for people and they can help those in distress to overcome odds and challenges. Quoting from his own experience, he said Charles Dickens, Leo Tolstoy, Milton when he was in distress.

He cited the example of Saddam Hussain of Iraq and said that he wanted to study Old Man and Sea by Earnest Hemingway before he was hanged.

The university had brought out so far 465 publications and was now engaged in bringing out 14 volumes of compendium of Sangam Literature. The discount sales exhibition was open till April 28.