South Zone Cultural Centre here is reverberating with music and dance.

The summer festival 2010 began on Saturday with a kaleidoscopic presentation of our various art forms.

The choreographic presentation, which was staged at the Kootharangam of the cultural centre, gave glimpses of Kavadi, Kolattam, Kummi, Silampattam of Tamil Nadu, Dollu Kunitha of Karnataka, Bamboo dance of Mizoram, Ottan Thullal from Kerala, Kalbelia from Rajasthan, Dhimsa from Andhra Pradesh and other art forms from Madhya Pradesh, West Bengal, Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh.

S.S. Palani Manickam, Union Minister of State for Finance, M.S. Shanmugham, Thanjavur Collector, K.V. Giridhar, Director, South Zone Cultural Centre, V. Varadarajan, president, Forum of Friends, South Zone Cultural Centre, K. Sridharan, Assistant Director, participated in the inauguration. Mr. Shanmugham, honoured the artistes at the end.

June 4

According to Mr.Giridhar, the aim of the festival was to provide both entertainment as well as exposure of various art forms of the country to people of Thanjavur. The programme will go on till June 4. “A troupe from Karnataka which performed Dollukunitha dance in the last year Republic Day got the president's award.

Other States

Dance programmes to be held at the centre are Thang-Ta of Manipur, Dappulu of Andhra Pradesh, Seethakan Thullal from Kerala, Pooja Kunitha from Karnataka, Rat dance from Himachal Pradesh, Gudumbaja from Madhya Pradesh, Shilomani Naati from Himachal Pradesh, Bangra dance from Punjab, Kolkali dance and Lamp dance from Kerala and Dang dance from Gujarat.