Rail users and commuters from the district have called upon the authorities to introduce a day time train service between Karur and Chennai as also between Erode and Dindigul or Madurai to serve the area public better.


Representing the demands the Divisional Rail Users Consultative Committee member A. Shahul Hameed has urged the Railway Minister and the Railway Board to consider their plea positively as the potential needs to be tapped even as the public would be served better through the services sought.

Public plea

Mr. Shahul Hameed pointed out that heeding the public plea for a Chennai-Karur train service, a new express train was introduced between Erode and Chennai from July 1, 2003.

Since then it was first extended to Coimbatore and now to Mangalore and Karur travellers and public were finding it difficult to get accommodation in the service and they felt the service was there for them any longer.

Karur, which is a bustling business centre, is starved of a day train service to connect the State capital.

Though it was almost equidistant from Erode and Tiruchi, Karur train users were feeling the pinch of inadequate train services from the source, he added.

It was in these circumstances that the Salem Division was taking steps to introduce a day train service between Erode and Chennai through Salem.

Mr. Shahul Hameed observed that if the service were to be operated through Karur, Tiruchi and Villupuram, these areas could be served better. Salem region was already having some day train services to Chennai and the diversion would not be greatly troublesome for that area.

Though Karur-Dindigul broad gauge has been in place for a long time now, enough passenger services were not being operated.

Passenger service

People residing in areas such Velliyanai, Palayam, Eriyodu and other areas adjoining Karur and who used to come to Karur for work in textile units would be served better with the introduction of a passenger service between Erode and Madurai through Karur and Dindigul.

As for the facilities and amenities at the Karur Junction, Mr. Shahul Hameed said that the station was suffering from manpower shortage and issuing of tickets was getting delayed putting commuters to great trouble.

Long queues

Long queues stand for a greater part of the day in front of the only reservation and current booking counter.

The eleventh hour rush would be irksome for the public in a hurry to catch trains. Tickets are being issued even after the trains arrived at the platforms, he has noted, calling for appointing more staff.

Inadequate drinking water facilities and toilet facilities plague the railway station and efforts to better them have not yielded the desired results so far.

Basic amenities

Authorities should look into the basic amenities needs of the public as soon as possible, he remarked.