This is the first time that Ariyalur district is getting separate traffic police stations

Traffic police stations at Ariyalur and Jayamkondam in Ariyalur district are all set to function soon with the State government according sanction.

An order has been issued for the creation of the two traffic police stations.

The two stations would be vested with the responsibility of regulating and managing traffic in Ariyalur and Jayamkondam, both major towns in the district.

Ariyalur district accounts for 18 law and order police stations, including two All Women Police Stations.

This is the first time that traffic police stations are being created in Ariyalur district following its creation upon bifurcation of Perambalur district.

The two traffic police stations would each be headed by an Inspector assisted by Sub Inspectors and men from other ranks.

The two stations are expected to be formally inaugurated on the Independence day, police sources told The Hindu.

The traffic police station at Jayamkondam would function from the police station in that town while the one at Ariyalur would function from a building situated within the police quarters there.

The two stations would be under the immediate supervision of the Deputy Superintendent of Police of Jayamkondam and Ariyalur sub-divisions respectively.

Goods carriers

Traffic police stations have been a necessity for Ariyalur district because of presence of several cement factories which attract a large number of goods carriers.

There is a good traffic of vehicles carrying boulders via Ariyalur from the neighbouring Perambalur to other districts, according to an officer.

Police personnel attached to the law and order wing and Armed Reserve are engaged for regulation of traffic movements in both towns.

Easing the pressure

The creation of traffic police stations will ease the pressure on police personnel attached to the law and order wing, say sources.